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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This made me do the UGLY Cry!

(please be sure to turn off the music on the left hand side by hitting the pause button)
I just found this on a great blog this morning...and I watched it..listened to the words, before I knew it I was doing the UGLY CRY!! I am not sure why. I know I am emotional wreck most of the time..maybe the lack of sleep... Maybe PMS is on the horizon?

But I really think that Over 6 years of selling my "art" I feel like I hit some kind of cross road ( or perhaps a dead end?) and I am thinking "What can I create now?" "what should I create now?"
I have always loved making dolls, however some of them are very labor intensive.
When you create something and no one asks, comments, or bids or buys (sorry to sound like a winey butt, I truly am grateful that I can do this though no matter what!) on your stuff it really does effect ones self esteem. And I know that it should not, but how can one not take it personally? I mean it is something you brought to life and it would not exsist if I did not make it. The past year I had so many distractions. I have tried to stay focus on creating but it can be hard. I Find myself starting one project...having another idea, starting that one....then starting another. Before you know I have so many unfinished projects and none of them are calling my name to finish them.

I think the good part of how I feel is that I am not the only one. I recently Joined the Suzi Blu network and SOMEHOW I don't feel so alone anymore. Time after time I read the biggest distraction people had is that they could not focus. Now, I find it hard to belieive all of us have A.D.D.

I know I am just rambling..some of you may think this adds to the crazziness that is me, maybe others will feel connected..I don't know.

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