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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Asparagus ~ Even if it makes your Pee Smell Funny they are Yummy

(ok, I know what you are thinking..Pee? Yummy? in the same sentence? read on folks..)   

Sorry for the Title Folks, I couldn't help it. I am still Me, no matter how refined I may cook

Aww, the humble Asparagus...It is such the perfect time of the year to head up to your local farmers market and pick some up.  Did you know that the Asparagus is from mediterranean and asian  decent and means Spout or shoot and derives from the lilly family? as are onions, garlic, leeks, turnips and gladioli. The ancient Greeks loved wild asparagus but it was the Romans who first cultivated it.

So a few weeks back I went to the Farmers Market to pick up this lovely Shoot.  

I have cooked asparagus many different ways. When I first learned to cook asparagus I slightly boiled them till Al Dente. Left them whole and dressed with vinegar, oil, purple onions and blue cheese. Of course S&P.  Back then I only wanted the thinnest asparagus I could find, Because I had visions of when I  bought thick aspargus my Grandma actually taking a potato peeler and trimming the woody parts.

 then I went totally raw for a while, they had to be thin for this.  I chopped, then added diced Purple onion, diced hard cheese such as pecorino romano along with fresh time, lemon juice, EVOO and S&P


I like'em thick and tender

The local Desoto Farmers Market is really gaining a name for itself with fresh produce and of course meat (from Henry Meat Co)  But my Favorite Vendor has got to be Cindy!  her prices are the best and so is her produce.  

But before these delectable plants were available at your farmers market and store
they were  cultivated  more than 2,000 years ago in the eastern Mediterranean region.  Greeks and Romans prized asparagus for its unique flavor, texture and alleged medicinal qualities. They ate it fresh when in season and dried the vegetable for use in winter.

A few weeks ago I picked up asparagus from Cindy at the Desoto Farmers Market, They were gorgeous! with hues of purple and green, enough for my heart to salivate what I was going to make with them.  Was it going to be Asparagus Salad that had been boiled? how about grilled asparagus? raw asparagus salad? how about Asparagus soup? 

 None of the above 

It was oven roasted with prosciutto(pig meat aka PORK) .  This asparagus was the best that I have ever eaten.  I don't know if it was the cooking process or the grower of the produce. The Asparagus were naturally sweet from the dirt which it grew in.  

I loved the wee bit of the al Dente that the thicker asparagus has with the crispy salty goodness of prosciutto wrapped around it. 

 And if that wasn't good enough I Kicked it up a notch..WITH HOLLANDAISE SAUCE! 
Julius Caesar would have been in HOLLANDAISE heaven if he could have eaten asparagus  this way. Julius Caesar was the first to request BUTTER with asparagus.  
(Because, well, butter makes everything better..duh)

Can someone please tell me how just a few simple ingredients like Egg, a whole stick of butter and lemon juice becomes so elegant? wow...I just love the stuff!
(hence the the whole stick of butter and going back to the comment "butter makes everything better..." DUH)

and in short, to finish our history lesson, (cause I  have made myself hungry)

These graceful spears of the asparagus plant have always been a sign of elegance and in the past asparagus was deemed a delicacy only the wealthy could afford. Roman emperors were so fond of asparagus, that they kept a special asparagus fleet for the purpose of fetching it.
But now you too can feast like a king! head up to your local farmers market and grocer and buy it fresh!
 feast on asparagus when in season.

Until we Eat Again,

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Taco Tuesday...Kinda

Happy Taco Tuesday...err, Tostada Tuesday (lets face it, a Tostada is an open face taco, right?)

Fried up corn tortillas for our tostadas 

Made Shredded Beef Mole

Of course quac is a must for Taco Tuesday..err, Tostada Tuesday
kept simple, just salt, lime and wee bit of garlic


I prefer a poached egg on my tostada...(with the meat too..) Also made from scratch refried beans..first time ever worth saving my bacon grease for that!

Also, mastered Pork Pozole Verde.  However we at it all. Will post recipe and pics  the next time I have a hankering for some Mexican.

Until we eat again,

Saturday, May 14, 2016

abandoned lead plant and a provencal meal

Homemade butter with french breakfast radishes from the farmers market.  (sophia made the butter) topped with sunflower sprouts and himalyan salt

gorgeous leg of lamb from henry Meat co.....that I purchased 

my finshed dish...an Ina Garten Recipe.  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Life has been super weird!

life has been super crazy ..Chris turned 20, we had our picture taken (by chirs) the frist fam photo in over 11 years, Sophia had an impromptu phtoto shoot cause of the neighbors got a puppy....of course I have cooked some meals.  alas, Gabby will be starting school again!  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Big Bowl Of Love...

when I am sick, nothing but  a big bowl of love will satisfy me.  It could be  Tum Yum, Mexican Chicken Soup, or a good Pho 

Yesterday it was Pho bo Kho (Rice Noodle with Vietnamese beef stew)

All though I made it yesterday, this was my breakfast.

My taste buds are really off from being so congested, However, Hubby told me it tasted just like from Pho Grand on the South side of St. louis! (where we had our first date almost 21 years ago!)

Until we eat again,

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Quail Eggs in A Hashbrown Nest

Things have been pretty crazy lately, even getting on my computer has been complicated.  My dolls have taken a back seat (temporarily) ,

trying to enjoy the little moments, even little eggs.  We were in South St. Louis last week and hit up the International food store. I have always wanted to cook with these wee little ole quail eggs. 

found a great recipe

her presentation was outstanding! I tried to emulate it. 

Today, I am really sick..yuck....cooking up a big bowl of love.

until next time

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Early Work Mercantile Listings

New patterns Available in Etsy

Greetings fine Folk, Finally have updated my Early work mercantile and will be coming out with 2 new patterns in the next couple of days.!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Taco? did somebody Say TACO?

when life gives your pork shoulder on sale, make tacos!
in all seriousness though, pork shoulder is extremely economical and cheap!! you will be eating this meal for less then 30 dollars and feed a family !

ok here is goes

pork shoulder (at least 2lbs) ( I spent 6.00)
Corn tortillas (3.00)
Radishes (1.50)
Cilantro (2.00)
Purple Cabbage (2.00)
Avocado (3.00)
queso cheese (3.00)
2 limes
Orange juice *(fresh squeezed) 1 cup (2.00)
1 jalapeno
6 cloves of garlic 

spices ( I did not include this in the price because I have these things on hand at all times)
1 tbs Chipotle 
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tbs cumin
1 tbs salt
3 bay leafs 
dash of cayenne and red pepper flakes 

to cook.
rub all spices on pork shoulder. add to dutch oven.  add garlic, jalapeno, orange juice. add one cup of water. cover and cook on a simmer for about 2 hours until tender.

remove pork from pot.
shred with fork, 
place on baking sheet, place under broiler until meat has crisp edges.

in the mean time you should slice radishes, cabbage wedge limes and avocados.

to serve heat corn totilla in a pan, when toasty top with the what you want!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Dollies For 2016

But will take limited orders
45 + 6 to ship

38 that includes travel fare

Hope all had a Wonderful New Year. I am excited with anticipation at all of the wonderful opportunities that will keep me busy! My list of things I would like to accomplish are long.  But hoping with baby steps I will be able to tackle what needs to be done.  

Just finished up these 2 Valentine offerings and wanted to share ;)

Wishing you Peace, Health and Prosperity in 2016

Friday, December 18, 2015

Dollies, Breakfast and Sunrises....

dollies, BreakFast and Sunrises are the things you are Mssing if you don't follow me on Instagram (click on the left hand corner with wee ole camera) or on the DREADED facebook.......

so simple and elegant, all items are easily found in the most basic grocery stores

perfection! Avo toast with melted dill harvatii, avocado bacon, soft boiled yolk....

off my back porch...who painted the sky?

Saturday Breakfast.  Sauteed Kale with shallots in Avocado oil, Bacon, Carrots blanched and then drizzled with maple syrup, guac and eggs sunny side up..

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fall Photo Shoot

One of My long time dollie friends sent me some handmade knit hats for the girls to model.  it was also a great opportunity to do a Photo Shoot with Sophia. We went out to the old Historic Sandy Covered Bridge.  It was just so beautiful. The sun was just beaming through the trees! 

Gabby used her flute as a prop

Had so much fun doing the Red Riding Hood Inspired Photos

My Baby is Growing Up way to fast!

Love how mid-evil  this looks, almost looks as if she is waiting for Robin Hood

Of Course there is more pics, still editing, but these are my fav

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