Positive thinking isn't denial; it's the accurate realization that we don't know everything and therefore, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...

What is all the talk about?

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Me and 28 THOUSAND of my new Friends~~

Well, I am just ON FIRE RIGHT NOW, full of Passion for my purpose, To serve the Lord my God with my whole heart! My ministry starts here with my husband, kids, then the biz...after that it is where ever I am.

The conference was just AWESOME. There was a record number of 28 thousand WOMEN there.

Delirios ROCKED BIG TIME! And CeCe just has the love of Jesus shining right through her, and her voice will give you goosebumps!

Joyce was bold and told it like it was. I am so excited to blog in the coming days all of the awesome revelations and teachings!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hebrews 13:2

Goodmorning kind and gentle folk! The Silent auction has started for Ava Grace..I just took a peek at all of the amazing delightful items and I am in awe...

Here is my finished doll (you have been seeing her naked for over a week ~ so I though you might want to see her dressed!). She would make A MOST EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS GIFT Don't ya think? I will gift wrap the doll up extra special for the winning bidder!
Wishing you and yours much joy and peace in the coming week..I will be leaving on Thursday for the Joyce Meyers Womens convention and will be back home on Saturday, so it will be a whirl wind week, but I truly look foward to hear from you
with much appreciation,

Thursday, September 6, 2007

An Angel in the Making...

Well, I am working on my Angel For Ava Grace. I could not be happier at this point with the way she is turning out. I started with an old antique Tin Minvera Head and restored it. (it was completely spotty where the paint had been rubbed off)However, I did not touch up her hair, just the face. Then I designed a body, arms and legs. I fashioned her wings out of feathers and wired them together I may add another feather or two in there. Now, today I need to design a dress. I have been searching the web, going through my dollie books to find how I would like to make it. Going through my fabric bins to find the right fabric....

To read More about ava Grace please click on the link on the on the top of the page :)
Many Joyful Blessings to you and yours...
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