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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just A WEE Something

Just a WEE
This was so much fun to make..and very charming
Woodland Witch Fairy is Now on Ebay.
I hope that all are doing well.
A cool front has moved through and it is so gorgeous outside.
Perhaps a nice day to go to the park and play with my little suger booger fairy! TTFN

Saturday, September 27, 2008

On Ebay NOW!

Come See me On Ebay!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kosmo..You are NO UNO!!!

Kosmo, You are NOOOOOOOO UNO (the first beagle to win best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club)!! You are Perhaps an ill mannered MUTT!!
But we love you! You know it seems as if everyone in the neighborhood and every other
speaking being KNEW that BEAGLES WERE....WELL...BEAGLES!! (every one knew but us..)
Now, we love are beagle..(to much maybe..) but boy oh boy......alot of choice words ..(mainly the stuff you can't say when kids around) went into this dog.....But you know..when I thought I was getting a Beagle I thought I was getting Snoopy!! (Why did he seem so calm in the cartoon strip? (Was Charlie Brown In denial? or Was Charlie too calm and Snoopy had to express himself?)
the running off..(not so bad anymore...but he still IS right there when you open the door..you have to be fast like a Kung-fu Master guarding the gates of the Shaolin Temple when leaving the house)
digging out my stuffing and throwing it everywhere..(really does not bother me so much)
Acting like the block captian..MEANING NO ONE CAN WALK PAST OUR HOUSE WITH OUT HIM GOING NUTS..AND THAT INCLUDES ACROSS The STREET..("he has little man syndrome") Kinda reminds me of the troll watching over the bridge, except this all takes place behind a window with a growl that has not bite(DEBATABLE)
Chasing down the kids and playing ROUGH!! (THE NASTY lil booger!!)
tearing up antique shoes..(ones I wanted to use for a dollie..whew, at least I salvaged 1!!)
The claw marks on the door and floor..(Well, Thank God he only goes outside to go potty now!!)
Not much leg room at the bottom of the Bed...(he keeps my feet warm)
All of the Torn up toys from the kids..mostly he will decapitate action hero figures..(that is ok, I am sure they were made from deadly plastic that was imported....)..(I think his digestive system can handle it...he is still here...)
But I must admit, picking up his doo-doo- is remincent of an Easter Egg Hunt with all of the Multi-colors from eating crayons and platic toys.
BUT WHEN YOU TAKE MY MONEY AND RUN!! (didn't the Steve Miller Band have a Song like that???)) wooo--hoooo.....take the money and run....
He ate half of a bar of soap yesterday..so I am sure that cleaned out his system! We have had him now for over a year. Today Hubby checked out a book from the library..and the EXACT QUOTE ABOUT A BEAGLE IS..."Happy, lovable, NAUGHTY little dog that probably shouldn't be kept as a pet, but often is.
oooohhh...doggy doggy doggy.........

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just food For thought!

Well, just wanted to write you and let you know that I appreciate all of the kind words and prayer..we are getting caught up on everything and it feels great! The whole fam came down with a nasty bug..I think it all stemmed from allergies to the fall ragweed.
I have been working on Halloween stuff like crazy!! just been sewing up a storm it seems, but not really getting anything completely finished. I have even made a Christmas Item..
Here are some pulled beef tostada..I made these about a month back..with some mexican rice and pinto beans..pico da gallo..and some quacamole of course...everything from scratch (including the chips and tostadas!). I love to cook! and I think I like to eat more then I cook :)

Before I started making dolls cooking was my first passion of expression. I think cooking and serving food to others is such an expression of love that you can't say with words. I have always felt that sharing a meal with others is such an intiement moment. Where we can all come together sit down, converse and share thoughts while savoring wonderful flavor..most of which comes from just simple things such as fresh herbs...Vegtables, along with a pinch of salt and pepper

When I did start making dolls alot of the cooking got put on the back burner and we turned to good ole sandwiches most nights. But here lately I just find cooking so relaxing! Just the other night I made my own home lasagna noodles..and ragu from scratch..now that took a long time~~but worth the bonding from rolling out the noodles with the girls!
Here is to a meal with your family this weekend!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spooky Time Jingles Witch ~Leesa~

Just a quick note that Spooky Time Jingles is up and Running..Here is my offering, She is named Leesa...I normally don't name my dolls..But little Sophia insisted that I name her Leesa!
If you would like to purchase Leesa please drop me a line! She is 165 and this includes her travel fare
All of the offerings from all of the talented folk are wonderful..so take a gander when you get a chance.
Back to work for me
enjoy the rest of your weekend
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