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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 Stitches in 4 Hours..

No, this is not how slow I work,
even though it may seem like it.

4 hours is how long we had to wait in the ER for Gabby to Get 4 stitches to her chin.
On Monday Gabby Got hit with a wiffle ball bat. The funny thing is when the DR did come in to patch Gabby up, he said there was another wiffle ball bat injury. lol

I think this poor girl is going to be scared of gym, this is not the first she has had an injury from gym. a few years back she knocked a tooth loose.

When the school nurse called on Monday I really could not understand her very well because she was talking so fast, then at first she said we have Kristen in the nurses office. I was thinking, who is Kristen? Why are you calling me? (it took a few micro seconds for the wheels to turn in my head..)
OH MY then it dawned on me, THAT IS GABBY FIRST NAME WHICH SHE NEVER GOES BY!! Acutally her first name is KIRSTEN, BUT EVERYONE SAYS KRISTEN (NOTICE THE PLACEMENT OF THE I AND R)Hubs and I had a big argument when Kirsten AKA GABBY was born what she was going to be LEGALLY NAMED. It steemed from the fact that Christopher's first name was supposed to be SEBASTIAN. (HUBS dad's name) But instead of Sebastian Christopher, We named him Christopher Sebastian.
Before I could be released I had to name my daughter. Hubby was not going to budge.
I said fine. It will say Kirsten on Her birth certificate, but she looks like a Gabriella and that is what I am going to call her.

Poor thing, when she started Kindergarten and the teacher was doing call role for the first time and called Kirsten SHE DID NOT KNOW THAT WAS HER!! THIS is NO JOKE!!

Now everyone calls Her Gabby, but now she will also answer to Kirsten and Kristen

Monday, April 20, 2009

Taking Time to Smell the flowers

Greetings Folk..
Well, Long time no blog.
Actually, I have blogged a few times and pulled them. Just thought they were to CraZy.
So, What Have I Been up to?
Taking Time To Smell The Flowers!
About 2 weeks ago the Lilac was in full bloom, I was gifted with some gorgeous roses, there was Hyacinth, then the most beautiful Pink delicate flowers on a bush (don't know the name). I put them about in my home. The most favorite place being the mantle in my living room. I placed them in mis-matched menagerie of little glass vessels, some being antique. Perhaps a salve, flavoring agent even mustard or baby food/bottle. ( Mis-matched glass odds and ends to hold even the smallest of delicate petite flowers has always pulled at my heart strings. one of my favorite things)

Then Last week there was one fine day. I knew it would be the finest that week, as the forecast predicted ran for the next 3 days in a row. My urges for smoking came on strong. I ran up to the store and bought 2 chickens, 2 slab of ribs and some good ole Texan sausage. No Fine day of smoking would have been complete with out the Hickory.

Nothing makes me Happier then the brown crispy skin of the chicken. As the Legs starts to swell, and the kankles get bigger, when pierced juice will come flowing forth. Smoke will rise. Then the beautiful smoke ring that is only found in smoke meats will appear.
(Oh My, My mouth is watering ...)

I have managed to creates something as well. I don't want to say something different, but rather something new.

Last but not least, there is naked wabbit I have had sitten around since St. Patty's day **sigh**

I have curled up with a couple of good books as well..cleaned the house...
This is what I have been doing..
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