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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day At The Beach


No, It was not a day at the beach. We live in the Midwest and have never traveled very much outside our city limits.
It All Started When...
K-mart had these "easy set up pools" on sale.
Grandma thought it would be a good idea to get one for the kids
and sprang for the cost, I thought ok, I will buy the sand. (no biggie right?)
I thought 8 bags was enough, Then after opening and spreading the bags I quickly learned it was not. Christopher had a 25 dollar gift card from Wally World and sprang for more sand. another 8 bags was 25.59.
In the morning we spread the sand, it was not enough.
Ran to Wally World again. Like a drug addict I stood at the register buying more sand. I only had so much money.
I initially bought 10 bags..my card was denied.
I told the lady to ring me up for 8 bags. My card went through.
I thought, we need more sand.
I told her to ring me up for one more bag.
I dug up the change for 2.89 plus sales tax
I pushed my luck. I said run me for one more bag and I will use my card, it went through.
Perfect..now with all of this laid we have had a total of 36 bags of sand.
I started to set up the pool, I blew up the ring, formed the circle and put the hose in.
The slightest incline will throw it all off.
I prayed. My face was cupped in my hands as I asked what I should do. Looked in the yellow pages and found the closest topsoil distributor.
Called The sand man. I asked how much is sand. Well, a ton of sand is only 15 dollars. I was like holy crow, that is great then he said Delivery was 75..
Not having a truck I had to have it delivered. Not having money..had to Ask Grandma to borrow some.
The man to deliver the sand was promptly there with in the hour.
He backed in our drive and dumped the sand.
Ok, Now, when you think a TON you think ALOT?
WELL, let me tell you that a TON OF SAND is nothing. I think he saw the bewilderment on my face. It was about 2 feet high at the highest point and and maybe 3 feet long
Being a gentleman he offered to bring more, but deliver it in his own truck.
Sure, sounded great right? I mean he did seem sincere.
I did not think he would actually follow through, so in the mean time me and the kiddos spread 1 ton of sand.
Put the tarps over the sand and put the pool in place.
We proceeded to fill the pool.
It was still not level..but it was better, so it did not bother me.
My jaw dropped.
I was like, I knew you said you would come by..but I thought you were just being nice and saying that. I did not think you would actually come by.
We drained the pool (only a couple of gallons was in there..) moved the tarps..he backed his truck in and started to SHOVEL the sand out of his truck (almost 2 tons of it).
I offered the gentleman soda, tea, coffee, water..Pie..anything..He said he was fine.
I tried to pay him the money for the sand, he would not take it.
He proceeded to say he might not have enough to help people out monetarily..but said you can give more then money. (meaning your time)
He gave his time, He gave his sand...
He conveyed he was 1 of 4 kids when growing up and if someone would have brought sand (and a pool) to his family he would have been so grateful.
He simply just said "pay it forward."
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