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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am no Jackie-O


Well, I am not Jackie O,

I have no Grace.

None I Tell ya..

This is the 2nd Halloween in the past 6 years that I have spent with a broken/sprained foot.

About 6 years ago I broke my foot pretty bad, just by jumping up and down when the Cardinals (baseball team) beat Arizona..(it could have been 7 years ago..)

Whelp, 2 days ago, by just simply walking down the steps, I slipped on a wet leaf...my ankle went under me, and I laid on the front side walk yelling for help!! (I felt like the lady in the commercials..Help, I have falling and I can't get up!!)

The neighbor ran out and assisted me inside my house. In the recliner I sat till hubby got home from work.

on another note..I CAN NOT CARVE PUMPKINS!! **sigh** I mean I try, I really do...

the other night I did give my best.

You know the books you buy..it comes with all of the tools and templates.

I followed instructions. transferred the pattern using the tool provided.

Did the eyes, the nose..then started to go around for the face, before I knew it, I cut out a perfect circle out of my pumpkin..and made a mask basically..(I was doing the skeleton pattern, the one marked the EASIEST!!)


to fix it..

just got a smaller pumpkin, did a very simple naive face and VIOLA!


Thursday, October 22, 2009


We had the pleasure of being chaperones to the Vineland elementary 5th grade field trip to one of the coolest places ever
The st. louis City Mueseum.
Gabby was chosen to help out with a short magic act.
The "crazy lady" laughing is ME!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

ZING ZANG ZOOM ~The Greatest Show On Earth

Wow, what a fast busy couple of weeks. I was busy with orders (Thank you customers!) and still busy with an order. I did my first "show" so to say, it was a home show in Missouri in a small town of Labadie. There is so much Charm in That town!
But first..
Ladies and Gentleman boys and girls Children of all ages...

This past weekend My mom took me and the kiddos to the CIRCUS!! We had great seats too, it was a blast to see the amazement of Sophia's face..she was in awe. I was too! It has been years since I had been to the circus, and it seem to me last time it fell really FLAT..
But this was just a Circus with non stop action and 3 rings!

These Chinese acrobats were amazing!

The tight rope walkers sure did walk a fine line! (**chuckle** again, no pun intended)

Gabby's fav part is when Mr. Gravity (the bad clown) was captured



He no longer was...The Magic words were said

ZING ZANG ZOOM He then was a tiger

My Favorite part was the ELEPHANTS!!

Shortly after the tigers were doing there show.

But going back to my weekend in Labadie..

There was a great deli that went to many times, The sandwiches were great and the soft serve was better then Ted Drews!
(a frozen custard joint on historical route 66 in St. Louis)

While sitting around at the Labadie Deli, a lady drove up with her dog.

We Watched Buddy while Sandy got Sandwiches to take home.

here is a picture of Sandy and Buddy

Lastly, We bought some farm fresh eggs, inquired about a suckling for a Spring Meal and supported local growers.

It was a great weekend in the country!! The week after we came down with the dreaded flu and Sophia and I had respiratory infections, but on the mend and the circus help put a smile on our face.

Considering I took nearly 800 pictures in the past 2 weekends, I think I narrowed it down nicely ;)
I hope you enjoyed our story through pictures.

Until we meet again my friends,

Thursday, October 1, 2009



oK, There is no Tigers, or Bears BUT THERE IS A LION..Hmm, I wonder what could be next?( I think Dorothy herself )We are off to see the Wizard...
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