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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~~the First Day of School Pictures~~2011

I will just say now, that it is very hard to take pictures of Christopher. I generally have to corner him, beg him or just take a quick shot while he smiles.

For the First Day of school Christopher opted for the typical teenage boy look. Hair brushed with pillow it looks like, old shirt with small holes, comfy jeans and he was wearing brand new tennis shoes of course.

Gabby and Sophia were fashionistas.

I must admit I did worry about the kids all day. Wondering if things were going good for them, did they meet new friends??????

However while I was doing this worrying I was in the comfort of a 2 hour long bath!! Wow, it was so nice just take a very deep breath, relax and scream for calgon to take me away.

Back to the grind today. Here in the next few days I plan on finishing up dolls. Also, the dolls that were listed on the prim nest on 2nd will be found on ebay tonight so be sure to take a peek.

Monday, August 15, 2011

School Of thoughts

***updated...this rambling mess hopefully makes more sense now. In the midst of my tear stained face and blurry vision from crying like a baby I was just trying to get my thoughts down quickly as possible before I forgot it all.*****
P.S. I am originally from TEXAS..that explains the HUGE HAIR

Well, the familiar sight and sounds of the beginning of the school year are flying by at Warp Speed. When summer first started it seemed so long before the kids had to go back to school. With all of the Back to school Sales, cooler temps and signs of Autumn in the horizon, it is enough to give me butterflies!!

My Oldest, Christopher will be starting high school. Before my eyes he has transformed from my first born baby son to a young adult who is taller then me and has a very startling deep voice. I am asking HIM to lift heavy things for me and saw my spindles in half ; cheap labor, however the trade is pretty fair, free room and board, clothes, games, food, hot showers and i am the mom and thats that!!

With having
3 kiddos, all dispersed at different schools there is going to be alot of running around. Sophia in 2ND at the Elementary School. Gabby in 7Th at the Jr. high. Christopher in 9th at the High school, Open House was a blur and race to go from one school to the next with about 3 hours, it was an up hill battle.

It would have been more work too if Christopher did not insist that I should not go with him.

Mom (Me) : Why

Christopher: Mom...everyone will know I am a Freshman.

the last time he was in my eye sight he was high fiving it with a few friends saying "wuz Up" Then never saw him again.

**Sigh** i guess this means he is well adjusted....which is a good thing but i feel like he is a bird who just wants to fly out of the nest and i wonder if he knows how to use wings.

Gabby has decided to get a new look for the new year. Now that she is in middle school there are things that you can no longer wear because they are not "cool" So, Now she has got a new look. A whole new make over. I see her being so confident and really enjoying her self and not taking life to seriously. She is grown up way beyond I was at the age...or maybe ever will be.

Then My Baby....Sophia....My Greek goddess of Wisdom....her Name serves her well. She catches on so quick....and shoot, forget about spelling stuff out now if you don't won't her to understand. Also with having older siblings things that are now babyish for Gabby are now babyish for Sophia too. And what ever came from Gabby's wardrobe that was "cool" Sophia is like "I am wearing this the first day of school."

Going to open house with Sophia was wonderful. The smell of play dough crafts, little water fountains lining the walls. Friendly teachers who let little kids be kids. I saw Kids with bags of supplies and nervous parents asking lots of questions.
Now, I too am a nervous parent. but not with Sophia. She really can command attention and strive academically with out even trying to achieve to do so.
I took it all in feeling confident that we are going to be fine

All 3 of my kids are at 3 Different levels. Everything is so brand new and moving so fast at the same time. It seems like it will be slipping away soon. The kids become older and more independent with each passing day. I feel as though that I am just on the side lines to keep them in bounds and let them make the the best decisions that my husband and I have taught them , and if they veer out of bounds I am going to be the referee in their face, yelling, "DIDN'T I TEACH YOU DIFFERENT."

As a parent coming from an abusive household my main goal's to raise kids who are happy with themselves and have high self esteems and there is no limitations or boundaries they can do. To raise kids to come to us first before they go to their friends. And for me, is to be honest with them and to let them know what I really think and morally what matters and what doesn't.

I recently became one of the 85% of people who now own cell phones and have now become aware of the annoying mean messages kids can send.

I am also now aware of the possessive power that these phones can have over my children, It seems that they cannot live without them. I think they just need to get it implanted right by their ear, or better yet right in there hand. Both Chris And Gabby when carrying in groceries apparently have one arm they can use to bring in the groceries and the other for holding the phone, I am sure Awaiting an urgent phone call or text.

all in all.......................................

Life is Good..Gotta love it all...but with each passing second I am trying so hard to hang onto to what is going on now because the future is rapidly moving forward and the past is so often forgotten.

But here is to a new year. I am going to miss them dearly I may actually even feel lonely......BUT.....Their sleeping in all day, feeding frenzy while being plugged into a game system won't be missed.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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