Positive thinking isn't denial; it's the accurate realization that we don't know everything and therefore, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...

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Monday, October 27, 2008

~*~Picture Day~*~

A few months back Grandma Bought the kids some wonderful outfits. I thought the next gorgeous fall day I would go out and take some pictures of the kids. I was starting to panic because the leaves were slow to turn..and we have had lots of rainy days...but this past Saturday God painted a beautiful backdrop...The kids got fresh hair cuts...put on new clothes and we headed off to the local state park. I took nearly 300 pictures and narrowed it down to 60. There is a slide show for you to see....

We had a blast! The kids are growing up so fast!

Thanks for taking a look..have a wonderful week ahead!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Halloween Doll Before Halloween

Greetings! Just a quick note to let you know that I have listed my last Halloween doll. She is on Ebay..HOWEVER...if you do not do EBAY. I will be happy to pull the auction as long as she is still available.
~~Thanks for taking a lookie loo~~

Friday, October 10, 2008

Things I love

~~Things I love~~

A kid (toddler) with a snotty face :)

A kid with dirt all over his/her face

A kid with messed up bed head hair ( the ones that look like they brushed their hair with a pillow)

A kid with chubby fingers grabbing something out of curisoity

A screen door closing

A perfectly ripened sweetend peach

a good cup of coffee on a brisk morning

the birds and squirls in my yard

Motivation to make something

Motivation to clean

Harmony in my house (when all kids are playing nice....)

when the wind blows and curtain will sail back

the cricket and locust chirping

leaves falling freely to the ground in a rainbow of oranges and yellows

The dafodils that line my driveway and the fragent smell they put out.

Growing fresh herbs and cooking with them

Being able to lift someone up..to help, love and nurture

to be honest with somebody close to you even when you think you may lie to yourself

the small moment when everything is all caught up and done when I can breath a sigh of relief

being able to breath freely..to have a roof to cover my head and food to put in my belly

The unfailing mystery of God's word and promises!

to appreciate the small things

These are some of the small things that make me smile :)

~~These are some of my favorite things!~~

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Gabby and I learning how to be relentless
My new life long friends
From Left to right
Stephanie, Chasity
then of course Gabby and I
Perspective from a 9 year old taking notes as Joyce was teaching
I am so proud of Gabby.


Definition: Existing or occurring without interruption or end.

Synonyms: around-the-clock, ceaseless, constant, continuous, endless, eternal, everlasting, incessant, interminable, nonstop, ongoing, perpetual, persistent, round-the-clock, timeless, unceasing, unending, unfailing, uninterrupted, unremitting


Well, all I can say is awesome! the whole trip is a great testimony! in my previous post like I said I did not think that I was going to go. I was low on money and did not have anyone to go with

A few weeks ago I had gotten an email from someone who had seen my YouTube video of the conference last year. She was coming in town by herself and wanted to know if I would meet up with so she would not have to go alone.

I never wrote her back, because again I just did not plan on going because of lack of funds.

Wednesday Morning I thought to myself, Well I can at least attend Thursday night's meeting. I wrote the lady and asked if we could meet.

She said yes and she even had room in her hotel if I wanted to stay with her and her friend. I told her I just did not have the money, she said I could stay free of charge.

Gabby has wanted to attend a Conference for the longest so I brought her along too. I needed to get downtown early to purchase another ticket. I had given Gabby the choice of either a halloween costume, or to go the Joyce Meyers Convention, she said she wanted to go the Convention.

Once downtown I found my way to the place where to purchase a ticket. I asked a lady waiting at the door if this is where I needed to be. She asked me if I had all ready purchased the ticket and just needed to pick it up, I said I need to buy one. SHE HANDED ME A TICKET FOR FREE!! she conveyed to me her daughter was not able to go. I started to cry..Gave her a hug and walked away in somewhat of a daze amazed at God's Grace!!

I met the ladies I was going to stay at in a hotel in Illinois. It was as if we were long time friends, never any akward feelings ever! I felt like I could be me. Gabby had a blast and my new found Friends, Stephanie and Chasity are going to be life long friends!

Here is a youtube video I have made, turn down the volume on the side of the page from the music, or you can directly link to Youtube to watch ;)

Here is to being relentless! I am not going to let another year go by where I don't do anything for the kingdom!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


it is that time of the year
The Joyce Meyers Womens Convention.
Even Though I bought my ticket last year, I planned on NOT GOING..
HOWEVER..a door has opened to allow me to go!(to all of the meetings)

the first meeting is Thurs 10/2 (Crefflo Dollar will be speaking)
I will be there for all of the meetings..

if you are going I would love to say hi....

Have a most joyous RELENTLESS time in pressing in to the Word of God..
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