Positive thinking isn't denial; it's the accurate realization that we don't know everything and therefore, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...

What is all the talk about?

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Keeping it Pho Real!!

Happy New Year To All!

Pondering, contemplating, mulling over, thinking..yes, thinking!  

So many thoughts, and so little time. 

First off, Happy and sad that 2016 has ended.  (contradiction you say?)

Well, you can't have the good with out the bad, then you add the Facts of Life....

Immediate thoughts for 2017


Quoting from an all time favorite movie 

"The Things You Own, End Up Owning You"

sure, a little  haiku that has been haunting me for years. 

Lets simplify this just to my dolls.    

I haven't bought fabric really, or supplies in years.  the only thing I buy is Muslin, Osnaburg, Stuffing and Paints as I need them.  I look at all of the excess supplies I have.  '
Having all of these excess supplies have they made me a better doll maker? 

The Answer is NO

I can probably make dolls with just Ticking, Muslin, Osnaburg, as my main fabrics.  Everything else is just taking up space.


A Majority of us peeps say this every year.  I started before the New year.  BECASUSE  I don't want to use the "New year" as a stepping stone to change.  I should change NOW! 

Using a New resolution in my opinion is putting something off.  If you recognize it is  a problem.... CHANGE!

I get it, a great time to change and just one more "FILL IN THE BLANK" until year "fill in the blank"

but all in all... these are excuses.  


Stop bitching!!! We have been a ONE CAR FAMILY NOW for almost a year.  the first 10 MONTHS I  bitched every morning when I had to take hubby to work then come home and take the girls to school. After 10 months  I realized, Guess what, me bitching isn't making my life better.  Appreciate that you have that ONE car and deal with it.


now that my kids are getting older SO FAST. I want to be present.  I want to attend and do all things that they are invloved in that I neglected for years !


Meditate and get physical activity if only 15 minutes a day.

I will mediated on what I have and what is so wonderful in my life.  I will stretch my muscles as I do this.  and hopefully get some walking in as well!

these are really small steps.  but we all have to start somewhere

keeping it PHO REAL

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