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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shroom'in It...(in hiding)

Welp, I have been Shroom'in..in hide out mode sorta I guess you could say. Just have not gotten on the computer lately....It seems family, cooking and cleaning is more of a priority right now. here lately just to make a doll takes so much energy..I feel creatively zapped! I love making dolls too, don't get me wrong. Just the kids are growing so fast, everyday really is amazing with Sophia She is just the cutest little her she can be. Christopher and I have really had an open line of communication too and Gabby is a chatter bug of course who wants to tell me about her friends and the boy who likes her ( I think she may like him too...) All of this just makes me want to freeze time. I can't even comprhend that one day they will leave the nest.

On a down note...I have been having pain in my Upper right Quadrant for nearly a year and a half. I knew it was gallbladder pains. I tried some natural flushes with no success. I changed my diet (No dairy, fried foods or refined carbs..~~or very limited amounts anyway..) but was still having pain. So, made an appt and the DR had me do an ultrasound. They found no stones..so I had a HIDA scan done. (they basiclly inject you with radioactive dye and a chemical that your brain secretes to make your gallbladder function) all the while lying flat on your back in a scan machine for nearly 2 hours.

When I got the results back they said MY GALLBLADDER WAS ONLY Functioning at 24%. Went to the Surgeon today..made an appt..in short my gallbladder is coming out next week. I hope I get much needed releif. my last gallbladder attack this week lasted 26 hours with pain so bad I just about went to the ER. And I had very little fat in my diet the day before..

well..thanks for letting me ramble...


  1. Hello! I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your blog. Lovely stuff in there! So sorry to hear that you're having surgery, but hopefully you'll be rid of the pain. I will be in prayer for you if it's okay. Take care. Visit my blog sometime if you'd like:


    Say hi if you do, ok? Take care,
    Miss Pootsie's Primitives

  2. Oh Heidi!! So sorry to hear about your gallbladder surgery!! I'll be sending lots of good thoughts and prayers to you!!
    hugs to ya!!

  3. OOps! I completely forgot about the ornies!! I'll email ya!! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Oh you poor thing...they say a gallbladder attack is horrible...I pray the sx is quick and easy for ya with much relief....my hubby loves shrooms...can he come live with you for a while? LOL!! Take care and God bless with a speedy recovery!!

  5. LLLLLoooovveee your highlights !!!! my daghter is trying to talk me into some like that !! Yours looks great !!

  6. It's me again...stop by my blog to sign up for my give-away!!

  7. well, Look at YOU Sassy thing!

    And the music goes perfect with the new 'do!

    I'll be praying for you, sweets - it's freaky, I have 2 other friends who are going through this very same surgery next week! Maybe there's something in the water! :D

    Oh, I changed my ebay name and blog site too Heidikins- if you would update your address for me, i'd be much obliged :)

  8. Ooooh! I love the highlights Heidi! Y'all are adorable!!
    Treasure all those moments with your young'uns! :> )
    I'll be prayin' for you darlin'. Please keep us posted.

  9. Great Haircut!! :)
    Sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery.. but soon you'll be feelin' fine :)
    happy valentine's day!!

  10. My best to you for your surgery time, Heidi!! Hopefully this will be the end of the pain!! Sounds like the kids are doing well, though!! Love your shroom pic!! Hugs, Trudy in Colorado

  11. Love the hair Heidi!!!! Good luck with the surgery and remember to milk the recovery for all it is worth..lol...xxxRobby

  12. Heidi, I had that surgery a few years ago and I KNOW you will feel so much BETTER now that the stones are gone. Saying a prayer for you for a speedy recovery!! Susan

  13. Hi Heidi!!
    I'm so glad you're feeling better:o)!! Hugs to ya!!

  14. I have admired your work for a very long time and have left you a little something on my blog. Check it out!!

  15. Glad you got that gall bladder out..You'll be feeling so much better soon
    fondly, Deena


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