Positive thinking isn't denial; it's the accurate realization that we don't know everything and therefore, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I will Walk by Faith and Not by Sight...

Last night before I fell asleep I felt God's overwhelming love pour over me. I have been far off for over a month from God (not reading the word, going to church, listening or watching any word..)But yet there God was telling me "I love you..." In my heart I just felt that someone was interceeding for me. I could not help but just to praise him. These past few years have been hard. I do struggle with issues in my life. I have the very "worldy" Heidi of me, then there is the part of me that just wants to drop everything and tell everyone about Jesus and what peace there is in his word. I have struggled with finding a balance in my life.

But this morning, I was reading a post and someone had replied to me Romans 8:37, so I grabbed my bible and when I opened it up IT WAS ON THAT PAGE, I opend right up to it. I just feel it was an Angel guiding my hands to open it there. This just spoke to me about my circumstance...because my problems do not defy me, Christ does. I am MORE THEN A CONQUERORS, I am victorious through Christ.

You know, a few months back I was driving and I began to get overwhelmed with emotions at the fact that when God sees me, he sees JESUS and he is not holding my sins over my head, HE JUST SEES THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST..it just blew me away. You see, I know we all fall short and I am not a very pleasant person sometimes and I have struggled with _________. I use to "punish myself" by not going to church or not getting into the word when I did bad things..BUT THAT DAY FOR WHAT EVER REASON I UNDERSTOOD I DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT..by doing that I was doing myself more harm, but also by doing that it is like saying.."well, what Jesus did was not enough, " THAT IS A LIE!! our battlefield is in our mind!!

God Speaks to us through his word. You know it took me a long time to understand Faith is a verb, something you have to do! Faith is the substance of things hoped for but not yet seen. My prayer life has really changed too..I know longer beg God to move in my life, because I know that he all ready has, I just ask once and thank him for it even if I don't have it. God is not moved by our begging and pleading ~ He is moved by his word ~ And when you knows God's word and speak it to him THE BIBLE says IT WILL NOT RETURN VOID!! But so many of us just don't know what God's word says or what we have in it ~

I have had to learn not lean unto my understandings about a circumstance, and that a circumstance should never rule me. God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

I just want to say thank you for all of the ladies who minister to me through there blogs..

I saw this back at Thanksgiving..this is just a tid bit of it, if you can see the full version it is MIND BLOWING!

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